Lasso Drinks

Lasso Drinks is a privately held Finnish importer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, which is owned by Mercantem Ltd. In addition to importing, we develop and sell our own Lasso private label beverages. Recently we have also started export business, with some really interesting Finnish beverages.

Our passion is to offer high quality beverages to our customers in Finland. Our journey started in 2006 and we’re continuing on a path of strong growth. Last year we imported about 3 million liters of beverages to Finland. Today we carry over 50 different beverages in our portfolio.

Every day all year round, we deliver more than thousand beverage cartons/trays around Finland to our customers.

We cover both On-trade and Off-trade market segments. Our distribution channels are whole sale, super markets, HoreCa, national chains, Alko (Finnish state owned alcohol monopoly for over 4.7% alc vol) and tax free.

Recently, we received well known and respected (in Finland) Achiever classification award for continuous solid financial performance. There are some 320,000 companies in Finland, but only 5% of this number meet Kauppalehti’s (leading business journal) criteria for Achiever classification.


Our main products are beer, cider, sangria, RTD, long drink and non alcoholic beverages. In addition we have products specifically targeted to the On-trade segment. These are for example liqueurs and mixers.

Contact us

For potential new business, please contact our managing director:

Mr. Kimmo Koivikko
tel +358 10 400 64 80